Litigation Support Services

Litigation is stressful, regardless of which side you’re on. Since the outcome could severely impact your future, you need the best possible advice and insights to support your case. We assist attorneys in interpreting and evaluating complex accounting and financial issues.

Steve Frank is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and forensic accountant with specialized knowledge and experience in working with a variety of businesses and individuals in a litigation setting.

13 Consulting LLC - Litigation Support Services

We’re able to assist throughout the entire process with the following:

• Calculation of damages

• Forensic analysis of financial records and documents

• Calculation of lost profits/economic loss

• Expert witness testimony

13 Consulting also has extensive experience in providing the following in divorce proceedings:

  • Analysis of earnings and income available for support
  • Discovery assistance
  • Forensic analysis of disputed assets
  • Business valuations


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